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Renting made easy!

Getting your dream home has never been easier! In just 5 simple steps you can make your dream a reality.

Step 1: Sign Up/Login on the Website
Create an account or log in to the Reliable Letting website to access the rental services (if you are not yet logged in).

Step 2: Fill Out the Tenant Application form
Complete the tenant application form found on the applications page with your relevant details and rental preferences.

Step 3: Pick a House from the Listing Page & pay the deposit.
Browse through our listing page to select a suitable house for rent.
Pay the deposit, which will be refunded upon move-out, minus damages, and a
5% service fee for lease processing & 
credit checks even if the application is unsuccessful.

Step 4: Sign the Lease Agreement
After successful credit checks and approvals, sign the lease agreement provided.
ou can also choose the desired lease period during this step.

Step 5: Pay Monthly Rental through Email Pay Link
Receive a pay link via email for paying your monthly rent. Ensure timely payment
to avoid lease termination and eviction.


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